Sweat With Me!

If you're local to the LA area, come take one of my classes at Sweatheory! All of my classes are fun, energetic, and accompanied by an amazing curated playlist! All classes are heated with infrared lights which permeate your skin and heat your body directly (like sunlight, only without dangerous UV rays)--burning calories, relieving muscle pain, and cleansing pores. Read below to see my class descriptions!

The beautiful space at Sweatheory

The beautiful space at Sweatheory


Barre-45 minutes Friday 11:15 am

Take 45 minutes out of your day to get a ballerina body! This is my signature ballet inspired workout. Derived from years at the barre training combined with my cross-training regimen and love for yoga, I've come up with a workout that will lengthen and lean out your muscles. This toning workout uses balletic and yogic movements and combines small isolated movement with reps of high velocity to burn calories and sculpt muscles. With a focus on core strength, arm toning, and glute shaping--you'll have a ballet body of your own in no time!

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Power yoga-1 hour: Monday 7:15 am

This is a powerful, energetic yoga class that will get your blood pumping and your body moving! I create this classes like a dance class, so every sequence is in tune with the music, and you will keep moving as opposed to holding static postures. The fluidity of this class will not only build heat quicker, but it will make you feel lighter, freer, and on your toes. The intense workout paired with a meditation to seal the practice will leave you ready to tackle your day!


Stretch, strengthen & lengthen- 1 hour: Wednesday 6:15 pm

This class is ideal for releasing kinks and lengthening tightened muscles after a long day sitting at a desk. With a zen vibe, this class is for YOU and your needs. With a focus on deep stretches, hip openers, lower back lengtheners, and heart openers, your body will thank you after this class. A chill playlist combined with the higher temps will ease your body into deep stretches. The practice will end with a meditation. Crafted for beginners and experts alike!